The Joy of House Hunting with an Estate Agent:
Character – “ugly as sin”
Compact – “can’t swing a cat in it”
TLC – “renovations required including floor, bathroom, kitchen and roof”
Renovator’s Dream – “the owners are selling as the roof keeps caving in, and the walls are swaying”
Developer’s Dream – “we are only actually selling the plot – may as well knock down the house and build complex’s – as it will fall down around your ears in 1 year’s time”
Incredible view – “everywhere else looks better than the inside of this house”
Lush – “wild and overgrown garden. Bring a chainsaw”
Italian style fused with German perfection – “horrible to look at – but the garage door works”

In the words of CK: “SIGGGHHHHH…..”

This is how it should be: “Exquisite Views” – YES – with your alpine retreat

“Light and Space” – The Treehouse in Higgovale, Cape Town

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