(South Africa Film Award) for

their music in a soundtrack……


When I first heard the name years ago, it sounded like an angry mob about to attack the colonialists in the DRC back in the early 90’s…I imagined patchy metal AK 47’s, naked-sweaty-dark-torsos, deep vivid green forests and an edgy unease pulsing from hard, jaded, drug-yellowed eyes…..



But I was wrong….

It was the name of a band….and not a bongo-bashing-acid-taking-groovy group from Jamaica “redefining” their connection to Africa..

….but a Cape Town jazz band.
Funky, slick, youthful savvy, oozing a wildness,

and punctuated by impromptu outbursts that Kes calls “nunga”

… shatter the perception of jazz being performed for the old,


infirm, BEE businessman in Katzy’s,


and tourists eating their Line Fish of the Day.
They started their weekly set at a bar in Kloof street, Asouka. 
Kesivan Naidoo (drums), Lee Thomson (trumpet), Marc Fransman (sax), Shane Cooper (bass), Jason Reolon (piano) – many others joined them – like Chris Engel (sax), Russ Nerwich (sax), ……..

I can’t name them all forgive me….and many came years after my time.

Back then, it was dead on Tuesdays.
Two people staring morosely into their “fusion soup”, waiting to hit the clubs after supper.
Bad tinny house that the coke’d up waitresses bopped around to.

But with the Restless Natives slotted into the courtyard


….alongside the ancient olive tree, dirty pillows, and people pushing

past to the loo – the bar slowly started to fill up.

A few months in….. it had became crushing, hot, noisy, hyped “must do on a Tuesday”.
Packed with a good mix of the hot & haughty of CT and the rough and tumble of the wanna-be underground (and throw in a good dose of Cape Town’s serious music afciandos).


To all the people who made Tuesday their weekly venture (and help pay the musicians bills while many slaved blood tears to do their own creative albums

and create amazing bands like “Closet Snare” and “Babu”)…..well done!!!

To the boys…you are amazing.

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  1. its a pity Asouka has become so overrun by drunk 20 somethings that you can't even hear the music let alone find a place to stand and enjoy it.

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