Kindle or Dusty Pages?

The fascination with a Kindle is natural for us…..books are reading are a vital part of what has made us Quigley.

Growing up with no TV (it was “bad” for us) and pillaging our parent’s substantial book collection…..we were hooked young.

And it hasn’t let up.

Kindle means more stories quickly and easily.

But……look at these books…’s hard to forget the paper, dust, smells, solidness of our books.

And you can spend hours in cute book stores in Kalk Bay…..

With a very cute Grandfather on the couch catching up his worldly news…….

so here’s to piles and piles of books (we don’t have enough space for them all)….dive in….

2 responses to “Kindle or Dusty Pages?

  1. Reason's why books are better:1) You can read them in the bath without worrying about getting expensive equipment in the water.2) When you take a book to the beach you're not afraid some one might steal it while you swim.3) When you open up an old book you've read many times you can almost feel your memories as you turn the pages.4) Visitors can randomly look through your bookshelf and perhaps spot a spine or cover they like and discover an author they might never have read.5) No matter how poor you are you can always find cheap books at charity stores.6) Book sales…..

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