Sara Gouveia Capturing: Mosua

We are independent woman who like to be in charge of our own lives so when photographer Sara Gouveia showed and told us about a matriarchal society we where thrilled.

It helps when some one tries to bring up some argument about traditionally men where the leaders hunting/fighting/protecting/owning to have a counter example.

The Mosuo in China are that example: a society where women own the property, make the money and choose their partners.

Sara Gouveia whilst doing her Masters in China went to explore this region and the power of the women there. She discovered that the new roads creating tourism had both good and bad results.

The good was more people became aware of a unique and interesting culture:

The bad was some chose to misinterpret aspects of the society.
The Mosuo have a system that doesn’t include marriage. The woman choose their partners and how long they wish to remain with them. Instead of being viewed as enlightened and interesting, some people viewed it as promiscuous.

Thus sex tourism was born and the red light district was born filled with non-Mosuo women pretending to be.

But lets be honest; in a society where women are in charge, have job preference, own the land and get to choose their men – why would they need to be prostitutes?

So the bad sides are there but without the new roads and better accessibility we might not have been given the chance to see a quick insight into a unique society photographed beautifully by Sara Gouveia.

for more photographs by Sara Gouveia her website is

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