Hot Agassi

There is something about Andre Agassi that inspires hate and love in equal measure.
He’s a tennis star – so hot
He’s rude and emotional – love it
He’s always trying to upstage – not cool, over that.
His fashion – totally 80’s pink lycra.
He calls Bruce Springsteen (remember him?) “The Boss” – oh please!
He’s inspired millions with all he’s done – well done.
He brought “spice” to tennis – especially with his Sampras rivalry and their epic long games.

But most amazingly – his story telling abilities are PHENOMENAL.

Autobiographies, especially ones on sports stars are my worst.

“Open” was a whole different story.

Released in 2009, I am slow off the mark on this.
But for those who haven’t read it…

It’s spicy, to the point, and written at a heady and brutally honest “can’t put down pace”.

Yes……. there is the “finding myself” crap you can skip, and the happy, do-good ending you can browse through quickly.

But the story makes up for it – it brings tennis – all dirty and gritty and glorious right to you.

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