What industries not to work in: Top 10

The top 10 industries that are slipping dramatically and on their way out.
This according to researchers IBISWorld
1.    Record retailers:
Not a surprise here – the days of Empire Records were killed with the CD, then iPod.
              2.    Dealers in manufactured housing:
Didn’t know there was such an industry…prefabs? This is a good passing of an industry
3.    Wired telecommunications carriers:
Wi-fi, fibre, cloud computing…good-bye dial-ups and fixed lines. yay.
             4.    Textile mills:
Hmmm, this is a little worrying – what will we be wearing, plastics? rubber table clothes? netting curtains? bring back cotton!!

5.    Newspaper publishers:
A very sad era for us – we LOVE newspapers and independent publishers (although heaven knows there are nearly none left anymore – one big mass publishing demon)
            6.    Apparel manufacturers:
Now we need some clarity: “Apparel” is clothes, accessories, etc. so are we wearing less, buying less clothes? Despite the fact that the population continues to explode?

7.    DVD, game & video rental stores:
Nothing better than renting a DVD – but can’t wait to be able to download from TV to watch a movie.

8.    Providers of video post production services:
9.    The photofinishing industry:
Hello digital world ……
for both of the above
10.  Renters of formal wear and costumes:

Again, a little stumped by this one…..is formal wear becoming cheaper and more accessible? No more dress-up parties being thrown??! 

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