Birthday!! Mother City!!

               The “Mother City” was named today in 1652.

 Jan Van Riebeeck – from the Dutch East India Company sailed into the bay of what would become Cape Town – and colonised it for the Dutch.

It became the first Mother City of South Africa for the Europeans in the Cape – and many Cape Dutch farmhouses still stand today – with the original style.

Back in the day – the Europeans would sail to India and China for trade all around the bottom tip of Africa (Suez Canal in Egypt not even a dream yet)

The wild Cape of Storms was a good “halfway” mark to stock up….if you survived the storms……
Cape Town has since become one of the best dive spots because of all those souls lost for centuries…

So Jan’s first task was to grow a garden, plant veggies, tame the wild fynbos of the Cape…..and steal cattle from the locals.

 This lead to the Dutch pushing local Khoi people further and further back in a bloody take-over, and the start of South Africa’s colonisation.

There is some happier new…..
7 years later in 1659 Jan harvested the first wine farms, which spread to Stellenbosch and my birth town Franschhoek.

And our gorgeous Mother City has prospered since……

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