Russian Brides and Billionaires

Forbes’ billionaires list was a record this year: 1,210 billionaires.
Moscow now has the most billionaires in the world.
Amazing considering the next fact:
The Russian-mail-order-bride industry is thriving.

Are Russian men that bad that no matter how many mansions they build with toilets caste in gold and how sweetly they beg women to stay with Gucci handbags dripping off their arms as gifts – Russian women would rather be sold to a red-neck farmer in the bible-belt of America?

Would you become a “natural resource”?
“As the biggest country on earth, Russia has countless natural treasures. But there is one that is valued more than any of the others, and I’m not talking about oil, gas, minerals or even Gold. These commodities are limited and their value fluctuates far too easily. The precious resource I am talking about is of course women.” – Svetlana Kolchik

“I used to believe the myth of the Russian woman ended with the 90s mail-order bride boom, but the more I talk to foreigners in and outside Russia, the more I realize that it is in fact thriving like never before.” – Svetlana Kolchik

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