"Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright.."

Remember “Aladdin”? And the pet Tiger?
Yes, we know we have a thing for cats. These are Tiger cubs, just two months old. Their handlers say they’re like “lions on steroids” – totally dedicated to hunting and they are powerful beasts.
This cub was fascinated with the children gathering around him….

But had a special appetite for small boys….he stalked this poor kid several times before doing a massive pounce off the couch. Thankfully missing him and tumbling onto the floor, as their paws are powerful even as babies. 
And then he was joined by his brother…two little tigers with two little tails.
I had to be dragged away before i smuggled them in my camera bag back home with me!
South African wildlife people are trying to introduce them into the wild here (being a native of India) and so these babies grandkids will be the first wild tigers to roam our parks.
Off to bush with friends for Easter….promise no more Tiger pictures!!

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