Die Windpomp

I’ve already done a brief piece on the wonderful work some Afda students have been doing – now I want to tell you a little bit more.
These beautiful painting are actually a storyboard for the honors film Die Windpomp:
“Die Windpomp is a 48 minute Afrikaans short film currently in pre-production. The story is about 17 year old Hendri, who arrives on the doorstep of his senile, reclusive grandfather in a retirement village, where strange things start to happen.”

Its going to be beautiful and wonderful (and by that I mean the traditional meaning of the word as in: full of wonder). Magical realism doesn’t even begin to describe the style of the director Etienne Fourie.
There’s only one slight problem – as with all movies they need a budget – and at the moment they don’t have enough money.
So if you’d like to check out the website and donate some money – or just marvel at the beautiful storyboard (being broke this was my option) go visit Die Windpomp
images copyrighted to Etiene Fourie

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