There are only a few reasons you’d trawl the Sandton shops on a Saturday searching for short 80’s faux leather jackets and lots of lumo accessories.

A Disco @ Blair Atholl Golf Club.

Pitching up at our parents house hours later weighed down with Woolies sale bags bulging with goodies – the family tried their new outfits on.
Dad and D in full leather gear and skeeeeeeeeeny jeans (hahahhahhahha).
Hopping on the cart and dashing through to the clubhouse – there were very real and serious concerns that we’d be the only ones enthusiastic enough to dress up and ruin our names forever.

At the entrance there were many men in post-golf chino-and-moccasin outfits….I started backing out and tugging at my purple leggings……until we spied Ozzie Osbourn and his pink-haired wife….and I stopped planning our escape route and stared at the transformation that was once the rather beige clubhouse. 

They even had Rubik’s cubes, crackle candy, and sticks of sugar on the tables.

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