Christmas Presents

So it’s that time of year again when you start thinking about Christmas presents. I know every year I try think of something to buy my parents that they will like appreciate and actually need. I realised a while back that whatever they need they will buy themselves and how many bottles of wine or nice sounding chutney can you actually give. So I’m thrilled to discover the Greenpop present initiative.

Greenpop’s philosophy is simply put; planting trees helps. Or in their words:

Planting trees, changing lives

Greenpop is a social enterprise that runs urban greening and reforestation projects in sub-Saharan Africa. We plant trees in schools, communities,
and deforested areas with the aim to spread environmental awareness, uplift under-greened communities, make greening enjoyable and combat climate change.


What they do for you is they plant either an indigenous tree for R75 or a fruit tree for R100 in schools and communities. They then send you a certificate with the co-ordinates of the tree.

Reasons to buy this gift:
1. It’s good for the environment.
2. It helps communities and school children.
3. If it’s a fruit tree not only does it give shade and fresh air it also gives food.
4. Lets be honest gifts are about the giver not the receiver so what could possibly be better then giving a gift that makes you feel morally superior?
 5. It also however makes the person you give the present too feel very proud of being the recipient of such an environmentally friendly gift (and morally superior and therefore happy).

For more information on Greenpop click here
Or to purchase a tree click here and if this deal has expired go to the Greenpop webpage and follow the links.


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