Guest Post – SA Working Girl

So we have our first guest writer giving us a little bit of corporate SA with a flash of fashion. Presenting Miss SA Working Girl:

Step It Up

The most traumatic thing about going back to work after a long vacation is training your feet to
survive in a pair of heels for nine hours straight. I personally don’t believe that one should ever get used to wearing heels; though some have said they have become so accustomed to it that they
never wear flats.
This has to be a lie of course, since I’ve never seen anyone prancing around on the beach in heels.
Besides, the South African summer is designed to give your feet a break. Some like to walk around
barefoot for two weeks, others put on their hiking shoes and head for the hills. Either way the
African sun does not lend itself to heel wearing for prolonged periods of time, and will punish you by
making your feet swell to twice their size.
Unfortunately, the air-conditioned offices of corporate South Africa rank higher than the sun, and
demand that women across the country don their heels no matter what. With this said, there are a
few categories when it comes to women in heels.
There are those who swear that six inch heels don’t hurt their feet and can be found leaning against
your desk as they discuss some important matter. They appear relaxed and comfortable enough to
even sit on the desk, but actually they’re just resting their feet for a while before they move on to
their next engagement. You also have those who wear the functional heel that is basically just a
men’s shoe with a thick sole. Perhaps they have it all figured out but I like my feet to look at least
mildly attractive.
Then there are the women like me who try to find the lowest possible heel that gives the allure of
comfort, but can still stand up to a six inch at the office cocktail party in its appeal. Perhaps in time I
will graduate to the stature of my colleagues- to be fair I do own a pair of extremely high heels-but
not this year.

By: SA working girl

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