Mandela Day

Tomorrow is Mandela Day in South Africa.
 Our schools are firing up their choirs to sing the National Anthem at 08:00 SAST.
The news media is preparing to cover the inspiring, happy-filled celebrations, as we look back and celebrate Mandela’s life…
And the ordinary folk are deciding how to give of their time in his honor.

Our blog present to you all, is Matthew Willman, a friend from school, and an extraordinary photographer who has had the privilege to photograph many of our South African heroes, including some of the BEST photos ever taken of Mandela.
The access he was granted to such a well-kept person is astounding – and he used that access with fantastic effect.
Go and have a look, buy a print, it all goes to an amazing cause.

Photographs: Nelson Mandela Foundation

9 responses to “Mandela Day

  1. In America he is a hero to so many, and we will be painting two houses in L.A's poorer districts to honor him. our two kids, our granny of 76, and various friends and neighbours. i suspect it will take longer than 67 minutes! Happy mandela Day South Africa and Africa.

  2. Great to see this – great to see such amazing photos from Africa reaching such an audience. Happy Mandela Day all – go do your 67 minutes.we're going to be planting trees in Nairobi, on an old rubbish dump. beauty from dirt. happy Mandela Day from Kenya

  3. His ballet stuff is amazing, we are just so impressed at the images he captured of Mandela, and the close realtionship he has with both Madiba and Desmond Tutu – it's so amazing.

  4. Thanks Quigley, a great introduction to your Mr Willman.May he continue to explore and bring us his impressions of the world we live in.

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