Guest Post: Greece Dreaming

Porto Rafti, the Monte Carlo of Athens, is where I want to build my home one day. My family owns a piece of land, and this is the view.

We often sit and look out dreaming of the day we will be fortunate enough to live here.
My dad is a strange guy. 
You never know what he’s thinking or what he may say or do next.
Not very PC … and he asks people very direct questions like: Do you enjoy sex? 
But somehow no-one gets offended.

My mornings in Greece in the summer begin with figs and grapes picked from the garden. A special breakfast served with love from my dad.

Friends for more than 40 years. They’ve done it all and they never stopped scheming behind their wives’ backs, sneaking in an extra drink here and there, doing a bit of gambling on the side, all banned due to health concerns. 

Sad thing is that their circle of friends is growing smaller as some have passed and sometimes it’s just the two of them. So poker is often out of the question as it requires a minimum of four players.

My mum & her best friend.
When the one laughs the other one gets hysterical and then they just cannot stop.
Their favourite pass time: making fun of their husbands.
August in Greece for children is a lifetime of carefree fun.
Marili. A cool teenager who loves life in leisurely kind of way.
 Her dad George Kouvaras. 
He is famous, and does’t easily let his guard down…
But when he does, George becomes a kid again.

Catherine, Tania & Marili, below their hilltop house.
Dimitri. Lives in South Africa and loves to explore whether he’s among wildlife in the Kruger Park or the ancient ruins of Ithaca.
Afternoon swim in Poli, Ithaca. The sun sets behind the mountain, the earth cools and the magic emerges.

Some of my friends have homes in beautiful spots that have served as great retreats. I thank them for the invitations through the years to spend the summer with them.
Me on the ferry to the islands.
Jumping from the rocks into the blue bliss.

Photos & words by: Penny Peppa

11 responses to “Guest Post: Greece Dreaming

  1. It looks like the perfect Greek dream with all the food & laughter. Such a pity the country does not seem to be doing too well with its politicians and civil servants destroyong all the wealth.

  2. Seeing these photographs and watching the news makes you realise that there are so many facets to the "Greek Story" that we are not seeing on TV. It is so sad that the country has been devastated when you see the beauty and laughter of the local inhabitants.

  3. Lovely Photographs, brings back some good memories. Your father looks amazing, i wish him all the best in his breakfasts and long life to his friends and wife.

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