Our New Home…..

Hubby & I have bought a house.
We moved in a month ago….
So, we got the family & friends to start popping in & giving their decor input…
Of great importance and first on the shopping list…..a kitchen table & benches.
Carpet & chairs for the outdoor area for Sunday paper reading & cake. 
(stone table, decor….still to come)
A stand for all the lovely herbs, presents & flowers….
Proteas for some colour…
A tree hatstand…..after a long discussion in the shop whether it would fit in the entry way….

                                       Wrought iron stands for our lovely book presents….

Built in the late 1940’s – it’s steel-pressed ceilings & thick walls are wonderful.
Now to find a book-nook bench for the window in one of the bedrooms.
            And make sure there is always enough apple & plum crumble……in heart shaped dishes.
Don’t forget the knitted Moose head for Xmas door decor…..

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