The Dream

It’s always refreshing coming across a story that makes you sit back and say: “Now that is living a life”.
We’ve blogged on Matthew Willman before as an extraordinary South African photographer of extraordinary people like Nelson Mandela
Matthew’s recent work in Kenya, his London exhibitions, and setting up the Matthew Willman Visual Arts Foundation show are an accumulation of his skill and tenacity.
But it was the story below that I am strangely most impressed with…

10 December 2012
You all know of my huge passion for South Africa its people and places that have helped to define who we are and the stories that have been created to help us overcome or challenges and reach our lofty goals…

One of my bucket list wishes was to find the rock that the actors James Earl Jones and Richard Harris used for the defining moment in the film / book – ‘Cry, The beloved Country’ by Alan Paton….

The scene in the film was shot in late November 1994 a few months after our historic national elections.
18 seasons of winter and summer has passed and last week Friday as the sun was setting over the Drakensberg mountains I finally after many years found that same rock… 

Its not a big deal but it represents a time and place in our countries history that I feel we have all but lost.
The rock is not marked, there is no road to it, its all but forgotten.
With the help of google earth maps, the original photo in my hand and a long time spent zigzagging through the hills I finally found the rock, cracked open a beer, took a few pics and went on my way back down the mountain knowing a special place had been filled within me…. “

One response to “The Dream

  1. what an awesome entry…for a long time, I have wanted to visit and photograph the road that runs from Ixopo to the hills that Paton talks about in the opening lines of Cry the beloved Country…this reminded me to do it. nice one. Gareth whit

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