Lisa King

This is Lisa King.

On an evening drive, kicking up dust, racing to reach an especially expansive stretch of Limpopo veld  to watch the sun set, and the herds of zebra settle in for the night, she spotted this beautiful, dying tree…
So, the next day we headed out during the midday *dead time*, with temperatures soaring to 40 degrees, on the hunt for a tree, on a silent dirt track, in the middle of the bush. A fading tree slightly more magnificent than its siblings scattered for kilometres and kilometres around us. 

 Jumping from the truck, kicking up bone-dry sand, Lisa marched off the road and settled into the grass to take her photo. Toby was the only sane friend to leave the shade and aircon.

A modest, and fantastic documentary photographer, whose conversations and ideas rejuvenated a love for discovering continent.

Lisa King website – GO and look at her artwork. See the places she has explored.

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