Modern Mauritius


IMG_9175 IMG_8935

There is something about going to a very new, freshly designed building in a very colonial old-world eclectic island like Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

It fills you with a sense of cleanliness.

It fills me with a sense of “striving”. How I imagine the first industrialists creating the cities of the “New World” inspired a clean look, a modern break from the “Old Country”. (Maybe without all the naked Northern Europeans and extra-sweet Caparhinia’s!)

IMG_8943 IMG_8945

IMG_8979 IMG_9087

Raw wood, glass, concrete, hard lines and soft materials.

Although I sometimes wistfully remembered what I was used too with our Mauritius visits – Moroccan tiles, wrought iron balconies, painted wooden trellises, Indian fabrics, colonial interiors, deep cane chairs – it was a great new experience.


Pre-dinner drinks in a slick, open bar, with very un-modern, Indian traditional music.


The breakfast room (above) and the Italian restaurant (below).


Take me back to the Island!

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