Praying Mantis: The Colourful and The Plain

praying mantis2

For most of my life I always thought Praying Mantises only came in one colour – green as that was the only colour I’d ever seen it in and I never really delved any deeper….

praying mantis1

That is until I spotted this bright pink one in my parent’s garden and then I seemed to see them everywhere…

praying mantis6

Cream ones…

praying mantis3

Dark brown ones…

So I did some internet research and found some great sites but the simplest is this one by National Geographic

The Khoisan traditionally viewed the praying mantis as one of the many manifestations of the trickster god.

praying mantis4

They are also used as post control dealing with pesky aphids.

praying mantis5

All around an amazing creature.

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