Winter Wonders @ Waldorf

What are you doing Saturday morning before heading off to Joy of Jazz? (and are in you in Gauteng?)

I have an idea…..Nestled in blissful suburbia in Bryanston,  Johannesburg, is the Michael Mount Waldorf School.

On a Thursday & Saturday it hosts an excellent organic food and special goods market, bursting with divine cafes, music, gardening, kids stuff, beautiful handmade home goods, an exceptional “Orchid Person” and delicious food stalls to stock up for the week.

During our rather brown veld winter, it’s the perfect place to find some colour!

African Print materials


Handmade Panama Hats


Pure wool hand knitted jerseys – I love the pictures & patterns!


Deck shoes, every material you could think of.


Cute baby felt slippers


Hand-dyed silk scarves


Magical glass decor


Hauling a wine barrel home…..


Beautiful children’s toys that remind me of my “wooden-toy childhood”


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