There’s a baba coming….

I have started my explorations into baby rooms. I am looking for simple and calm designs that can can age with the munchkin.  Unfortunately so much of what you see on baby websites in South Africa is simply “bleh” with an over abundance in harsh colours and plastic, and with that sense of “sameness”. Of course, once you start looking at costs, you understand why…


And, as the baby doesn’t notice, something that I wouldn’t mid spending hours on end in.


The local online shops and boutiques that get their lovely goods from afar charge hefty prices, and they are few and far between. There is simply not much choice locally.


As these are my first forays, I expect I’ll change my mind by the end, but the aim is to create a room with what I already have on a very skint budget. A lot you can copy, and find alternatives, but the costs are usually the linen and the wallpaper – those fresh designs and lovely materials are hard to find cheaply.


All credits found on my Pinterest BABY ROOMS! page (roseramsay)


Let the baby madness begin.


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