One of our most favourite people has grown into the most exciting artist.
We had heard rumours of his amazing success while he was still in school, then while he was studying….and then one lazy Sunday, mum dropped one of her interior mags in shock: there was John, in John’s art, featured on someone’s wall.

Often featured in his own art, John’s almost photo-real images placed him in the world, style and spaces of some of the legends…..

……But for us, it was the exploration into, and furthering of, Thomas Baines’ art that we really fell in love with his work.
From the “After Baines” Exhibition

As kids, John once left a thank-you card after a holiday our families had.
Instead of writing, he drew the most bright picture that captured our adventures over the dunes.
It took us all back to that moment instantly.
And that’s why he does what he does.
Go rock the art world! 
We’re cheering from the distance!

(ps. Before you start asking, he is taken by a very lovely Mrs Walters!)

12 responses to “JOHN WALTERS – THE ARTIST

  1. he is incredibly inspiring. so many people have sms'd saying "oh my gosh, we've glimpsed his art once, and always remembered it, wondered when we'd see it again"

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